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While I enjoy performing in "traditional venues", I have developed a special passion for playing unusual venues with intimate settings that bring musician and audience closer together. This is how my program of Parlor Concerts was born.
I will perform for you and your friends live and unplugged in your living room, loft or studio space. You need to make sure that at least 10 people will attend the show - and the more the merrier of course, but people should fit comfortably in your space to enjoy the show.

I will play for donations and sell merchandise to help cover the costs. All shows will be taped (audio and sometimes video), so that your guests can take home (i.e. download) this special experience after the show. If you want to get an idea, how these recordings turn out, check out my Backstage Area!

Parlor Concerts are not open to the public, unless you would want them to be. You take care of inviting your friends and family and provide the space. You can decide whether you want to provide food and drinks or have a potluck and byob. I will play around 60 minutes, which can also be split up into two sets with a break in between.

Your Action Plan:

  • E-mail me at to find out if I'm available or to receive more information
  • Sign up for my Sessions to find out when I'm on tour and may be requesting places to play along the way
  • We'll agree on dates and times and the general setup for the evening
  • Invite your friends
  • Enjoy an amazing evening with good friends and live music
  • Download a recording of your Parlor Concert and listen to it again whenever you want

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