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Annie Mondegreen
I'm not a poet. I'm not a singer. I'm not a guitar player. I don't these things in isolation, I only do them together: I'm a singer-songwriter and a traveling musician. I sing and play the guitar to perform my own original music. I think of my songs as musical postcards that are written, composed, and performed wherever I'm currently making myself at home. This way, I started a collection of acoustic songs that are both expressive and elegant and flow wistfully from my heart.
I'm an independent artist, which means that everything I do is handcrafted with a lot of dedication and a passion for detail. This also means looking for unconventional ways of reaching out to an interested audience and actively involving my listeners. So far, I've come up with two such ways:
(1) According to my musical philosophy, I favor the immediacy of a live performance over the studio recording, so I'd rather cut live tracks with inspiring videographers around the globe. I love being a guest in foreign places. It's easy to feel at home when you can take your music with you. Home is where your heart sings. Whether that's Los Angeles, Dublin, Tokyo, or Berlin.
(2) Listening to live music used to be a very intimate experience. From the early beginnings of Chamber Music in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance via the Salon Music in the 19th century to the infamous Rent Parties during the Harlem Renaissance: People gathered in each other's homes to hear the latest musical discoveries. I prefer such personal settings to larger venues, which is why I perform my songs in people's livingrooms. I call this initiative Parlor Concerts.

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